What to do before and after surgery


Before surgery:

  • Make a booking for your pets operation.

  • If your pet is a dog, wash them the day before surgery as they are unable to be washed after until the stitches are removed.

  • Do not give your pet food after 12pm the night before the operation and do not give them any water after 8am on the day of surgery.

  • We recommend a blood test be performed prior to surgery to check vital organ function before anaesthetic is given.

  • Your pet will be given a thorough physical examination before anaesthetic is administered.

  •  Routine intravenous fluid support during surgery is covered by the cost of surgery.

  • To ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible, all pets receive pain relief prior to surgery. they are also given a pain relief injection after the procedure.


Desexing invloves internal surgery and therefore needs special care for sometime after the procedure. Unfortunatly pets do not always understand that they must rest, so it is important for owners to assist us with their recovery.


After Surgery:

  • Anaesthetic can take some time to wear off completely so do not be alarmed if they are sleepy on their first night home.

  • Keeping them quiet is essential to allow the wound to heal for 10 days until stitches come out. Your dog will not be allowed any walks or exercise while they are recovering.

  • Food and water should be limited to small portions at a time only on the night after surgery.

  • Ensure your pet’s rest area is clean to avoid infection.

  • Check the incision at least twice daily for any signs of infection or disruption (eg. bleeding, swelling, redness or discharge). Contact the vet immediately if these symptoms appear. Do not wait to see if they will spontaneously resolve.

  • Prevent your pet from licking or chewing the wound. A single chew can remove the careful stitching with disastrous effects. Vicks vapo-rub applied only AROUND the area may deter licking other wise we can provide antiseptic bitterant spray or a bucket collar.

  • Your pet will be given a pain-relief injection which will last 36 hours so no take home medication is neccessary.

  • Do not allow your pet any baths while stitches are in

  • A post-operative appointment needs to be made with our nurses to check the wounds healing progress and remove extrenal stitches. this will be 10 days after the procedure.

If you have any concerns before or after your pet has been desexed, please call us immediately to discuss.