Snake season is well and truly here!

As our pets have a natural hunting instinct, it is not uncommon for dogs and cats to cross paths with a snake. During the summer months it is recommened to avoid walking your dog in any long grass and preferably on a lead and to keep cats inside especially on those hot days when snakes are likely to be out.

Most cases of snake bites are from the Brown Snake but can also be from red belly black snakes.


Clinical symptoms of snake bites commonly include muscular weakness, ataxia, flaccid paralysis, dilated pupils, abnormal breathing, muscle tremors, drooling and vomiting. If your dog or cat is showing any of these symptoms contact your nearest veterinary clinic immediatly. If you suspect your pet has been bitten, do not wait and see, snake bites take effect very quickly, especially in dogs. If animals are not treated before these signs develop, treatment is much more difficult and mortality rates rise.



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